Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book on CKP history

A book on CKP social history is written by P.L. Mokashi


  1. my name is Hilen Dalvi I am a Maharashtrian CKP by cast I want to know which is my Kuldaiwat or kuldevi

  2. This Information is Available in Book: PrabhuKulaDeepika by Ramrav Narayn Pradhan, Vilekar

  3. According to the Book: rabhuKulaDeepika by Ramrav Narayn Pradhan, Vilekar

    Your Gotra: Bhrugu Acharya
    Kulswami (4) : 1. Amba, 2. Nimba, 3. Ekvira, 4. Khandoba

    There is a specific way of having these gods placed and worshiped at home.. If you want to consult, please consult a very good knowledgeable person.. As even I don't know this Arrangements. The Chitres in Konkan can guide you in the arrangement of this Gods at Home

  4. I feel we should also know which were the administrative skills they possessed & what warrior skills were all of us trained in? Please refer to a book & why don't we nowadays proudly own a sword like the Rajputs or Marathas bestows upon. I feel these things will really interest the younger gen, youth, FutureGen & get them eager to protect this uniqueness instead of focussing merely on who's kuldevi &
    The good thing so far is we have gained to preserve our food culture cause, I feel all crave for tastebuds :D I thank the writer of this blog to give every one of us readers an insight about the tradition &
    I feel it goes by the DNA & genes that skills are inborn so would like to here more on it.. to use them in this modern world.
    Now what we need to focus is what next & real good we can do to bring the history/glory back. Instead of splitting here & there.
    Take for instance from gujarati community they support each individual in financial need & there are community mechanisms developed to strive for business or raise funds or for that matter persuing higher education community scholarships are provided which motivates and beats the heat of modern era & sky touching prices, world economicy going on a toss. Please provide your email-Id, contact, if anyone reading out feels to take up stringent concrete steps in above Said direction..
    It can be majorly(as an extreme overview almost 70%of times)seen that major part of community work as people are depended for marriages,kuldeivats, poojas & yes good thing are social programs , felicitations etc. But the issues which I raised should be worked on to interest the future generation & help them beat global competitiveness !! & to strive or protect the numbers in community to retain them :)
    Thank you

  5. I wish to purchase the book "Prabhu Kuldeepika" by Shree Ramrav Narayan Pradhan, Vilekar. Please provide me book distributor postal address or any website selling this book online. Please help...

  6. Dear sir, ajinkya
    I wish to purchase the book "PRABHUKULDEEPAKA". PLZ give me info about the seller,or website or address.

  7. प्रभुकुलदीपिका या पुस्तकाची 2011 मध्ये तृतीय अवृत्ती निघाली असून ते पुस्तक मिळविण्यासाठी श्री.सुधाकर वैद्य,अध्यक्ष,अ.भा.चां.का.प्रभु मध्यवर्ती संस्था,ठाणे येथे संपर्क करावा.भ्रमणध्वनी क्र.9323009110.It is request that in future while comments/discussion by you or any other person in this or other forum please give your Mobile contact further in urgency or in other similar community matters.
    Prakash Dighe

  8. Hi i would like to know the kuldevi of donde family

  9. Namaskar I would like to know the kuldev kuldevi of sikenis family