Thursday, September 3, 2009

Migration from Sindh to West Narmada Valley

Mohammed of Gazani paralysed administration setup in Indus valley kingdoms through his numerous invasions in year 1027,this triggered migration for forefathers of CKPs , Through trade & political links CKPs were having knowledge of prosperous eastern kingdoms having favourable similar religious setup, these people decided to move eastward . CKPs moved along Indus river & embarked through port of Thatta in Sind-Baluchistan to reach Dwarka in Kutch & later Khambat in Gujrat then along river Narmada moved up to Madavgarh to take up positions in Parmar’s court .Had these people been from agrarian community they would have settled at one place for farm related activities. These people in good number were looking for big prosperous kingdom where most could find administrative jobs or occupation. Parmar’s court served their immediate needs as it had CKPs already serving in his court.

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