Thursday, September 3, 2009

Period of Maratha Empire

During Shivaji Maharaj’s period, this was the only community, who along with Deshasthas, held higher administration positions like Chitnis, Sabnis, Karkhanis and Mujumdar. They had also played a good role in the army of Maratha Empire during Shivaji Maharaj’s time and later during 1st Bajirao Peshwa’s period. It was also mentioned that during historic attack of Marathas on Afghans in 1751, Sardar Gupte of Pune led the battle of attock (read : अटकेपार झेंडें in Marathi) In late 17th century, few deshastha Brahmins understood the importance of Kayastha administrators and warriors. King of Aundh Sasthan and Pratindhi of Chatrapati-"Tribak Kulkarni- Kinhakar" broke the rules of “Gramanyas” (boycott) and started inviting them to Religious ceremonies related with his family and started “Pangat” with Kayasthas which was against the Orthodox Brahmin rules at that time. Great writers from Mandesh Ga Di Madgularkar had mentioned one story about this.Parshuram Tribak Pratindhi and his decedents kept this activity going on;as a result many CKPs migrated to Satara and Kolhapur Districts in late 17th century. Many CKPs got apponintement as Karkhanis and Gadkari at some forts near Satara like Vasota,Vardhangad etc.

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