Thursday, September 3, 2009

South Konkan

Thee genetically nearest community to CKPs like Goud Saraswat Brahmins(GSB) who settled in south konkan coast of Goa-Karwar. There are many common name in CKP & GSBs as Karnik, Bendre,Kulkarni,Prabhu.
CKP migration 1 st in year 1035 from Thatta in Sind-Baluchistan to Gujarat & later from Gujrat to Konkan coast was not migration of few families but migration of a community comprising Administrative officials, Merchants, Priest & tradesman known as bara balutedar like Khatik, Nabhik & others.
In Maharastra,these people were successful in getting jobs as administrators,warrior and clerks ;However, bramhins led boyott(gramanyas) on them from 1300 to 1850. The most famous example is when Mr. Balaji Avji Chitnis wanted to perform the Thread ceremony ( Munj ) on his son. Brahmins did not allow him saying " Prabhu's are not Brahmins and are from lower caste, hence thread ceremony cannot be performed on them". Mr. Chitnis got letter from then Shankarachaya Vidhanrusingha Bharati from Karvir Peeth, in year 1913, which said "Prabhu's are Rajanya Kshatriyas (Royal warriors)". Only Rajanya Kshatriyas (warrior by profession ) are allowed to do thread ceremony, so though Maratha's are Kshatriyas thread ceremony is not performed on them. Only exceptions were Bhonsale's who were decedents of Sisodia Royal family of Rajasthan. The Letter written by Shankaracharya can be found in office of Bombay Gazzette. This community is at Par with Brahmins in performing Vedic rituals.

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